Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences Cooperative Institute for Research
in Environmental Sciences

Council of Fellows

CIRES Council of Fellows is comprised of individuals with an outstanding record of achievement and ability in diverse areas of environmental sciences. They are primarily University faculty, research associates or government scientists who form the core and develop the direction of the interdisciplinary research conducted at CIRES. As a group, they personify the concept of cooperation that is the founding principle of NOAA's Cooperative Institute Program. Responsibilities of the Council include maintaining and revising the CIRES Bylaws; reviewing, discussing, and voting on the personnel matters; and analyzing and discussing CIRES programs and management of CIRES.

  • Waleed Abdalati
  • Richard Armstrong
  • Stanley G. Benjamin
  • Roger Bilham
  • Maxwell T. Boykoff
  • Eleanor C. Browne
  • John J. Cassano
  • Thomas N. Chase
  • Xinzhao Chu
  • Shelley D. Copley
  • Joost de Gouw
  • Lisa Dilling
  • Randall M. Dole
  • David Fahey
  • Christopher W. Fairall
  • G. Lang Farmer
  • Fred C. Fehsenfeld
  • Graham Feingold
  • Noah Fierer
  • Timothy J. Fuller-Rowell
  • R. Michael Hardesty
  • Jose-Luis Jimenez
  • Craig H. Jones
  • Kris Karnauskas
  • Jennifer Kay
  • William M. Lewis, Jr.
  • Ben Livneh
  • Peter Molnar
  • Stephen A. Montzka
  • William D. Neff
  • R. Steven Nerem
  • Judith Perlwitz
  • Roger Pielke, Jr.
  • Balaji Rajagopalan
  • Prashant Sardeshmukh
  • Mark Serreze
  • Anne F. Sheehan
  • Robert E. Sievers
  • Kristy Tiampo
  • Margaret A. Tolbert
  • Gregory Tucker
  • Veronica Vaida
  • Rainer Volkamer
  • Carol A. Wessman
  • Paul Ziemann
  • Fellows Emeritus*

    Susan Avery
    Roger Barry
    Alexander Goetz
    Doug Robertson
    Hartmut Spetzler
    Konrad Steffen

    *Fellows Emeritus retain a voice but no vote on the Council of Fellows. ... Upon retirement from employment, a Fellow of CIRES may request to be considered for appointment as Fellow Emeritus with a renewable term of five years. An appointment as Fellow Emeritus requires a majority vote of the Council of Fellows and must be approved by the CIRES Director with the concurrence of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School. Fellows Emeritus retain voice without vote in meetings of the Council of Fellows, and are expected to interact professionally with CIRES, but have no specific duties.

    Past Fellows

    All past Fellows are listed here.