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Instrument used for research in the Arctic. De-Icing the Arctic

Chris Cox and Sara Morris (CIRES and NOAA), are team leads for the “D-ICE (De-Icing Comparison Experiment)” campaign. They’ll travel to Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska to study how icing conditions impact instruments. 

Photo of the USS Healy. Over the Arctic Ocean: Aerosols to Cloud Ice

CIRES and NOAA's Jessie Creamean's study, called INARCO—Ice Nucleation over the ARCtic Ocean—will take place aboard the USS Healy, where she will sample aerosols over the Arctic Ocean. 

Eleven community college students completed a full week of introductory sessions in preparation for their summer research projects. RECCS in Critical Zone Science 2017

RECCS is a 9-week summer student research program in critical zone science for Colorado community college students. To follow what's happening with RECCS students, check out their blog!