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Analytical Chemistry Seminar: Charles J. Weschler

Analytical Chemistry Seminar: Charles J. Weschler

Jointly sponsored by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CIRES, and the Environmental Program

Chemical Reactions Among Pollutants Indoors – The Human Touch

Charles J. Weschler, Rutgers University

Regardless of whether a pollutant originates outdoors or indoors, most of our exposure to it occurs indoors. Indoor exposures to ozone and airborne particles of outdoor origin partially explain the mortality ascribed to these pollutants in epidemiological studies. The human body influences indoor concentrations of these and other chemicals in occupied indoor environments. Constituents of human skin oil react with ozone. Lower indoor ozone concentrations lead to less generation of secondary organic aerosols (SOA) from ozone-initiated reactions with terpenes and other unsaturated indoor pollutants. SOA levels influence the levels of co-occurring semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs). Occupants also inadvertently transfer their skin oils and skin flakes to surfaces, impacting indoor surface chemistry, even when humans are no longer present. In brief, dynamic physical and chemical processes involving occupants and indoor pollutants markedly influence occupant exposures in indoor environments.


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CMC Minutes Apr. 14, 2014

CMC Minutes Apr. 14, 2014

CMC Meeting  04/14/2013


Members present: Doug Fowler, Joe Olson, Gloria Hicks, Robin Strelow, Anne Perring, Rick Tisinai, Barry Eakins, Kiki Holl, Chris Clack, Ben Livneh , Lucia Harrop

Visitors:  Anju Shaw, Linda Pendergrass, Lornay Hansen, Paula Robinson,


Admin – rec’d email from Jon Rush requesting that we make Lucia a CMC member.  Her position will be a permanent (not 3-yr term). Lornay thinks we should have permanent position also from main campus.  We would need to change the by-laws to accommodate permanent positions. Barry thinks it’s a good idea (having permanent positions), but we need to investigate it more. Maybe get a committee to investigate it. Lucia voted in as member, but not yet permanent.  David Oonk took group photo of members for web site.

Doug wants to discuss with the new “Jon Rush” to discuss CIRES telecommuting policy.

Supervisory committee – Doug and Barry meeting with Waleed tomorrow. We need to get some input from Waleed also about the PI issue.

Hiring policy in CIRES – are there ways to make it easier to move people between groups/divisions when a group/division has to let people go? Kristin [?}might be able to help Anju find a position within CIRES. Barry- if there was a central way to coordinate this, it would be very helpful.

Rendezvous – Assigning tasks. Linda provided a list of tasks for us to pick. Rick & Linda will be the go-to people. Posters will be go up Thursday p.m. and Friday a.m. Will do posters in two places – under the tent & UMC 235. There will be food & bar in 235 and on terrace.

We voted to nix the table tents.  We should have signs by laptops to encourage people to use them to search for abstracts.

Barry brought up the “year behind” for promotions and years of service.  Paula says issue has been discussed but no solution.  Lornay- due to the University & CIRES lengthy process, we can’t have the current promotions & years of service.  Maybe we could move Rendezvous? Fall?  Lornay can ask Waleed his restrictions as to when to hold Rendezvous.  Because we’ve done it this way in the past, we don’t have to continue in the same vein. 

Program is progressing well.

Menu – Moroccan – do we serve desserts at lunch or at poster session? Vote – after.

Membership we need end dates for membership.  Two successive terms only (total of 6 consecutive years).  By laws also don’t have any official start.  


Monday, April 14, 2014