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Active, Funded Projects as of November 2004

University Sponsors of CIRES

CIRES Research Theme: Advanced Modeling and Observing Systems
PI Project Title
ANDERSON Global Assimilation of Ionosphere Measurements
NISHIYAMA Accoustic Tomography of the Atmosphere
ODSTRCIL The Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling (CISM)
STROEVE Application Enhancement of the Scatterometer Climate Record Pathfinder
CIRES Research Theme: Climate System Variability
PI Project Title
WEATHERHEAD Center for Integrating Statistics & Environmental Science
ZHANG Permafrost Data Assembly Project at IARC
CIRES Research Theme: Geodynamics
PI Project Title
GETTING Consortium for Material Property Research in the Earth Sciences (COMPRES)
MOLNAR Vertical Movement in the Southern Alps Using GPS
ZHANG Investigation of the Spatial and Temporal Variations of the Seasonally Frozen Ground in the Contingent United States
CIRES Research Theme: Integrating Activities
PI Project Title
BUHR Global change: A New Upper Division Undergraduate Majors Course at the University of Northern Colorado for Stage 2 Participation in Earth System Education for the 21st Century Program (ESSE21)
CIRES Research Theme: Planetary Metabolism
PI Project Title
CASSANO Arctic Regional Climate Model Intercomparison Project: Evaluation and Interpretation of Cloud and Radiation Fields Using Data From Project FIRE.ACE
JIMENEZ Development and Application of a Mass Spectra-Volatility Database of Combustion and Secondary Organic Aerosol Sources for the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
SIEVERS CO2 Assisted Nebulization of Drugs for Lung Ailments
CIRES Research Theme: Regional Processes
PI Project Title
ODSTRCIL Understanding Magnetic Eruptions on the Sun and Their Interplanetary Consequences
Other CIRES Research Projects Funded by Universites
PI Project Title
KINGSMILL Analysis and Integration of Microphysical Observations During the TRMM/KWAJEX Field Campaign
LEWIS Determination of Ecosystem Response Thresholds to Nutrient Enrichment of Flowing Waters in Montane Colorado