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Science/Arts Experiment

Science/Arts Experiment

Feelings and facts, emotion and intellect. How do we really receive what we see and hear?

For nearly a year, scientists* and filmaker/visual artist Jeanne Liotta and composer/new media artist Michael Theodore have been meeting in an informal think tank to explore the intersection of science and the arts – and how that intersection might be displayed on Science On a Sphere® (SOS).

SOS is a global display system that uses video projectors to display Earth Science and other images on a six foot diameter sphere. SOS is installed in more than 100 science and other facilities worldwide with an annual audience of 33 million.

Join us on April 24th at Fiske Planetarium to explore which ways are most effective for engaging and inspiring us. Members of the audience will be invited to view selected SOS presentations that have been developed. A reception will be provided.

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The Reception and Experiment are FREE and open to the public. 
* There is only room for 100 people to attend, and it is first come first served.

The Colorado Skies program is an exciting presentation open to all that takes you on a journey through the Colorado night sky in Fiske's new ultra high-definition planetarium. Please click here for more information about the presentation and ticketing.


Map to Fiske and Parking Information

Bus: The closest bus stop to Fiske Planetairum is at 'Broadway and Regent Drive' (the SKIP and DASH buses both stop here). Click here for a walking map.


If you have any questions, please contact: (NOAA Science On a Sphere®) (EcoArts Connections)


*Special thanks to the following scientists and outreach specialists in the project's advisory group: Max Boykoff, Susan Buhr, Susan Lynds, Julienne Stroeve, Pieter Tans, Betsy Weatherhead, Carol Wessman

This project was made possible through a collaboration of NOAA Science On a Sphere® and EcoArts Connections with funding from the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) Innovative Research Program in Boulder, Colorado.


Fiske Planetarium - 2414 Regent Drive