Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

Danny Feucht

Danny Feucht

Research Interests

Lithospheric structure, magnetotellurics, near-surface geophysics, continental rifting, plate tectonics, geoscience education

Current Research

  • Lithospheric modification due to late Cenozoic extension in the Rio Grande rift, southwest USA
  • Magnetotelluric imaging of mid-crustal conductors in active tectonic environments
  • Electrical resistivity structure of the Valles caldera, New Mexico, USA

Installing a fluxgate magnetometer at a magnetotelluric station in Pike National Forest in the South Park Basin, Colorado. [photo credit: Dan Zietlow]

D. Feucht and PhD advisor Professor Anne Sheehan connecting electric dipole wires at a magnetotelluric station near Woodland Park, Colorado. [photo credit Dan Zietlow]

Broadband magnetotelluric equipment deployed in southern New Mexico near El Paso, Texas.