Diversity Program

A Message from the Director

Waleed AbdalatiDiversity is fundamental to our success, and increasing diversity is a major challenge we face in the science and education fields. At CIRES, we are committed to enhancing diversity by extending our knowledge and community across the full spectrum of identities.

Few organizations are as well-equipped to meet this challenge as CIRES. We have superb scientists and support staff coupled with an exceptionally strong education and outreach unit. Many CIRES researchers have worked with schools and community groups, giving us a rich pool of experience. However, it is imperative that we strive to make significant progress on our goals of inclusion and diversity.

Toward that end, CIRES has established a diversity initiative, headed by Dr. Eduardo Araujo-Pradere of the Space Weather Prediction Center along with Senior Administrative Associate, Yvonne Garcia, and Associate Director for Administration Jon Rush. They work with CIRES Education and Outreach and our Communications Group and, most importantly, with all of you, to help identify opportunities for CIRES to make a difference. I encourage you to reach out to them with your ideas and suggestions on how to enhance the diversity of the CIRES community. I am confident that our efforts will enrich our science and enhance our mission.

Waleed Abdalati
CIRES Director