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DLESE logoDigital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)
Geoscience Resource Community for
Teaching and Learning about the Earth System

The 2003 DLESE Annual Meeting in Boulder focused on Broadening DLESE.


DLESE is a free service for teaching and learning about the Earth at all educational levels. CIRES EO leads the DLESE Evaluation Services (DES) team, one of several teams funded by the National Science Foundation. The Evaluation Services Team provides evaluation help and services to the DLESE community, gathers data to improve the library and investigates the value of DLESE use.

The Evaluation Toolkit is a collection of digital resources in DLESE designed to help geoscience educators with their evaluation needs.

CIRES EO consults with CIRES researchers and other educators on projects which may be disseminated through DLESE.


  • Consult with Evaluation Service on proposals (DLESE-related or not). Team members will review and comment on evaluation sections, help investigators find evaluators, and disseminate evaluation instruments or findings through the Evaluation Toolkit.
  • Take an evaluation workshop (at AGU meetings or other DLESE workshops)
  • Apply for an Evaluation Minigrant (up to $5K per award).
  • Contribute to or use the Evaluation Toolkit collection resources
  • Use DLESE Evaluation data

Evaluation Services investigators:

For inquiries about the Evaluation Service Center please contact Susan Buhr. For inquiries about the Evaluation Toolkit, please contact Mark McCaffrey (

Evaluation Toolkit Overview