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Earth System Science for Secondary Teachers

2004 Earthworks Workshop Group Projects

Insect Biodiversity as an Indicator of Burn Site of Recovery [ PDF ]

Teachers: Dan Howard, Brad McNear, Barney Peterson
Scientists: Lauren Golten, Beckie Rawlinson, Joyce Gelhorn

Can we discern a relationship between parent material (rock and mineral type) and specific soil properties using the tools available at Earthworks? [PDF ]

Teachers: Melvina Adolf, Susan Armbruster, Georgiean Benson, James Cano, Warren Long
Scientists: Ray Beiersdorfer, Nicole Feldl, Pete Modreski, Hartmut Spetzler

Impact of Fire on an Alpine Forest Microclimate [ PDF ]

Teachers: Jennifer Andrews, Cheryl Harris, Perry Kennard, Peter Saracino
Scientists: Nolan Doesken, Sean Davis, Paquita Zuidema, Melissa Trainer, Pete DeCarlo

Topography, Vegetation and Soil Characteristics at Cal-Wood Environmental Education Center [ PDF ]

Teachers: Janae Deverell, Deborah Hall, Cathi Koehler, Russell Kovach, John Kugler, and Melynda Thomas
Scientists: Cory Cleveland, Karolien Denef, Caroline Yonker, Cathy Stewart

Comparative Pond Study: Analysis of Upper and Lower Man Made Ponds at Cal-Wood [ PDF ]

Teachers: Mark Dring, John Miner, Annette Rafferty, Kathy Smith, Charlene Tuttle
Scientists: Greg Cronin, Dorie Panayotou, Rick Rudy, Lesley Smith