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We educate people about Earth and environmental science issues that are relevant to our everyday lives, through outreach to the public and to the K-12 education community.

Geomagnestism in the MESA Classroom:
An Essential Science for Modern Society

Geomagnetism in the MESA Classroom is a four-part after-school module sponsored by NASA that allows students to explore geomagnetism. Students will use compasses, perform navigation exercises, complete a caching activity, and attend a field trip to NOAA's David Skaggs Research Center in Boulder.

Click to download the GeoMag Poster and Trifold:

1. GeoMag Poster
This poster is a summary of the research that the geomagnetism group does at the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) and why that research is important to our everyday lives.  It explains the role of the NGDC and how it helps to ensure that the navigation systems of ships, planes, and even phones work correctly.

2. GeoMag Trifold
This trifold gives a brief overview of NGDC products and answers some basic questions about the Earth's magnetic field.




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