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Rare Glacial River Drains Potentially Harmful Lakes

Scientists working in Antarctica had previously shown that surface lakes can destabilize the floating ice shelves that surround the continent and cause them to break-up. However, such effects of these lakes on Greenland’s floating ice, often called “tongues” instead of ice shelves, have not drawn similar attention. This is despite the fact that Greenland is melting more quickly than Antarctica. To study Petermann glacier, Alison Banwell, a glaciologist at the University of Colorado Boulder, and her colleagues at the University of Chicago turned to observations of surface lakes and rivers collected by the Landsat 8 satellite from 2014 to 2016. The team focused on the glacier’s floating terminus in Petermann Fjord.


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Mylène Jacquemart, Graduate Student Researcher, wins AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award

We are very excited to report that Mylène Jacquemart has just won the AGU "Outstanding Student Paper Award”. Her winning talk was entitled “Inferring Drivers of California’s Big Sur Landslide from Space-borne Radar Interferometry”.

Congratulations, Mylène! 

Map Provides High-Resolution Look

Researchers highlight the value of the time element incorporated into imagery and having a baseline for revisiting and comparing topography. Mike Willis has been a leader in the development of the Arctic DEM. 

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AES junior Ian Geraghty won Undergraduate Honorable Mention at CEDAR 2017

We are very excited to report that our junior undergraduate student, Mr. Ian Geraghty, has just won the "Undergraduate Honorable Mention” award for students poster competition at CEDAR workshop 2017 that was held in Keystone, CO. His winning poster was entitled “Multi-year survey of short period gravity wave parameters in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere at McMurdo (77.8S, 166.7E), Antarctica”.

The following three photos were taken at the award announcement on Thursday morning, June 22, 2017. 

The CEDAR students poster competition is divided into two categories: MLT and IT. For each category, there are three graduate students awards (1st, 2nd, and honorable mention) and one undergraduate students award (honorable mention). Ian won the MLT undergraduate honorable mention award, which means 1st place among undergraduate students. We expect Ian to become one of our PhD students and compete in graduate student competition in a few years.

Congratulations, Ian! Ian Geraghty CEDAR Award

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