Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences Earth Science & Observation Center


ESOC houses faculty members from the Geological Science, Geography, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Aerospace Engineering and Civil Engineering departments. Each of the faculty teaches courses in their own departments and those that involve remote sensing are taught in the ESOC classroom that doubles as a computer lab.


Kristy Tiampo
Director of ESOC, Professor of Geological Sciences 

Tom Chaseabdalati

Waleed Abdalati
Director of CIRES, Professor of Geography

Wessman Research Group

Carol Wessman
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



Xinzhao Chu
Professor, Aerospace
Engineering Sciences

Chase Research Group

Tom Chase
Research Associate, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering


Ralph Milliff
Senior Research Associate, CIRES



Jennifer Kay
Assistant Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Fellow, CIRES