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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

All events listed are free and open to the public unless indicated

Apr 24

Turning brown in the sun: Aldehydes, aqueous aerosol, and evaporating cloud droplets

"Much of what we think we know about aqueous aerosol chemistry – reaction rates, products, mechanisms, and photolytic pathways – comes from extrapolating bulk aqueous-phase lab simulations to atmospheric conditions."

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Apr 26

CSTPR Noontime Seminar

Anticipating Disaster: Local Dependence on Formal Climate Information vs. Traditional Ways of Knowing
by Sierra Gladfelter

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Apr 28

Celebrating Finland's Centennial: What Makes Finland Great for Education, Research & Innovation

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May 18

CIRES Rendezvous 2017

This half-day event includes an entire afternoon devoted to CIRES science and poster presentations; we encourage you to participate and present your research here.

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