Microbes in Central Park Soil: if they can make it there, they can make it anywhere


Highlights of CIRES science at AMS 2015 (pdf or html)

Highlights of CIRES science at AGU 2014 (pdf or html)


Forecasting and explaining bad air days in Utah’s oil and gas fields

To accurately forecast wintertime bad air days in Utah’s Uintah Basin, researchers must use real atmospheric measurements to estimate chemical emissions from nearby oil and natural gas fields, a new study in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics has found. Read More ...

Arctic sea ice loss not a major factor in weather extremes in the lower latitudes

There's no doubt that Arctic sea ice is melting. However, new research finds little evidence supporting the idea that Arctic sea ice loss is a major factor behind weather extremes at lower latitudes. Read More ...

Crowdsourcing Earth's magnetic field

In a major citizen science effort, geophysicists are asking smart phone users around the world for help mapping Earth's magnetic field. Read More ...