Jimenez Research Group

Department of Chemistry and CIRES, University of Colorado at Boulder

Group Members


Jose-Luis Jimenez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Fellow of CIRES
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T., 1999
Research: Atmospheric particle characterization (e.g., chemical composition, size distributions, and particle morphology), aerosol climatology, and advanced aerosol instrumentation.
Phone: (303) 492-3557
Fax: (303) 492-1149

Research Scientists

Doug Day

Doug Day, Ph.D.
Education:Ph.D., Physical/Atmospheric Chemistry, 2003, University of California, Berkeley with Ron Cohen
Research: Instrument development and application for the study of submicron particle and gas-phase chemistry.
Phone: 303.492.0594
Email: douglas.day@colorado.edu

Pedro Campuzano-Jost

Pedro Campuzano-Jost, Ph.D.
Education:Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry, Max Planck Institut für Chemie, Mainz, Germany, with John Crowley and Geert Moortgat
Research: Aircraft ToF-AMS deployment and data analysis, instrument development.
Phone: 303.492.0594
Email: Pedro.campuzanoJost-1@colorado.edu

Harald Stark

Harald Stark, Ph.D.
Education: Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, 1999, Universität Göttingen, Germany, with Jürgen Troe.
Research: TOF-CIMS analysis software development, instrument development and data analysis.
Phone: 303.492.0820
Email: Harald.Stark@colorado.edu

Harald Stark

David Thomson, Ph.D.
Education: Ph.D. and M.S. in Physics, University of VA, 1988 and 1990
Research: Atmospheric chemistry instrument development, data acquisition and analysis software.
Email: thomsond@colorado.edu

Postdoctoral Researchers

Wei Wei Hu

Wei Wei Hu, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow, CIRES and Dept. of Chemistry
Ph.D., in Atmospheric Sciences, 2013, Peking University, China, with Min Hu
Research: SOA formation in biogenic aresa by combining the Potential Aerosol Mass (PAM) flow reactor with the AMS and other instruments
Interests: Secondary organic aerosol chemistry; instrumentation for organic species measurement.
Phone: (303) 735-5990

Ph.D. Students

Amber M. Ortega

Amber M. Ortega, M.S., B.S.
Ph.D. Student, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science.
M.S. and B.S. in Meteorology, Penn State University, 2008
Research: Investigation of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Different Sources and Ambient Environments.
First Author Pubs from the Group: ACPD 2013
Interests: biking, hiking, cooking, wine, gardening, belly dancing, and music
Phone: (303) 735-5990

Brett Palm

Brett Palm, B.S.
Ph.D. Student, Chemistry
B.S. in Chemistry, Darmouth College, 2009
Research: secondary organic aerosol formation.
Phone: (303) 735-5990

Samantha Thompson

Samantha Thompson, B.A.
Ph.D. Student, Chemistry
B.A. in Chemistry, Carleton College, 2011
Phone: (303) 735-5990

Joran Krechmer

Jordan Krechmer, A.B.
Ph.D. Student, Chemistry
A.B. in Physics, German, Bowdoin College 2007
Research: instrument development, mass spectrometry, secondary organic aerosol formation.
Phone: (303) 735-5990

Associate Scientists

Donna Sueper

Donna Sueper
Education: B.A. Math & Chemistry, 1986, Briar Cliff University
Research: Development, application, maintenance, and support of data analysis software for Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometers (ToF-AMSs)
Phone: (303) 735-0644

Michael Lechner

Michael Lechner
B.A. 2005, General Management, Pre-Medical, Michigan State University
Interests: Travel and the Outdoors
Phone: (303) 492-4988

Visiting Scientists

Joel Kimmel

Joel Kimmel, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, 2004, Stanford University, with Richard Zare
Research: Improved instrumentation for aerosol mass spectrometry.
First Author Pubs from the Group: IJMS 2011

Art Braundmeier

Art Braundmeier, Ph.D.
Education: Ph.D. Solid State Physics and Health Physics; University of Tennessee & Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1970.
Research: Instrument and software development, thin films for optical devices, magnetic thin film characteristics in the RF.
Email: art.braundmeier@gmail.com

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