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Page last updated: October 16, 2014

Prospective Employees

Learn more about the benefits of being a CIRES employee at University of Colorado at Boulder.

Visiting Fellowships

Join a thriving research community for unique opportunities to conduct challenging research with recognized leaders in earth system science. For more nformation, see the CIRES' Visiting Fellows Program site.

Graduate Research Fellowships

To promote scholarship, research excellence, and scientific collaboration in students' careers, CIRES provides two types of graduate research fellowships.


Research Associates


CIRES/PSD Data Assimilation and Model Diagnosis PSD-28 10/3 | PDF

CIRES/PSD Post-Doc Hydrologic Science PSD-18 7/31/2014 | PDF

CIRES/PSD Climate Analysis PSD-17 7/30/2014 | PDF

CIRES/PSD Post-Doc Weather Research and Forcasting 7/15/14| PDF

CIRES/CIRES/GSD RA: Developmental Testbed GSD-13 | PDF

CIRES/CSD Ozone Measurements CSD-11 5/28/2014 | PDF

CIRES//PSD Marine Ecosystems PSD-3 4/1/14 | PDF



Professional Research Assistants


CIRES/PSD Climate Variations and Extremes PSD-27 10/3/14 | PDF

CIRES PRA Manager, Central Computing Facility AD-6 10/1/2014| PDF

CIRES/NSIDC User Services NSIDC-6 9/8/2014 | PDF

CIRES/PSD /PRA: Climate Data Analysis PSD-16 8/1/2014 | PDF

CIRES/PSD PRA: Climate Modeling and Data Analysis| PDF

CIRES/NSIDC Lean UX/UI Developer/Designer3/20/2014 | PDF

NSIDC Web Application Developer NSIDC-14 1/7/14 | PDF