New seminar series from CIRES and ATOC: Reading the IPCC report

Ever wonder what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report says? Learn more on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons this fall during a seminar series by IPCC authors and contributors. This fall’s focus is on Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis (Working Group I’s contribution to the IPCC 5th Assessment Report). Seminars will be webcast as possible. Please see chart below for links to webinar registration

(webinar link) (webinar link)
Day & Date IPCC Chapter Speaker
Th Aug 28, 2-3:15pm Policymakers/Technical summaries (webinar link) (no recording available) (slides) Jerry Meehl
Tu Sept. 2, 2-3:15pm Ch. 1: Introduction (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Linda Mearns
Tu Sept 9, 2-3:15pm Ch. 2: Observations: Atmosphere & Surface (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Owen Cooper
Tu Sept 16, 2-3:15pm Ch. 3: Observations: Ocean (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Mike Alexander
Tu Sept 23, 2-3:15pm Ch. 5: Information from Paleoclimate Archives (webinar link) (slides)Bette Otto-Bliesner
Tu Sept 30, 2-3:15pm Ch. 11: Near Term Climate Change (webinar link) (slides)Marika Holland
Th Oct 9, 2-3:15pm Ch. 6: Carbon and other Biogeochemical Cycles (webinar link) Pieter Tans
Tu Oct 14, 2-3:15pm Ch. 7: Clouds and Aerosols (webinar link) Dave Randall
Tu Oct 21, 2-3:15pm Ch. 8: Anthropogenic and Natural Forcing (webinar link) J.F. Lamarque
Tu Oct 28, 2-3:15pm Ch. 12: Long Term Climate Change (webinar link) John Fasullo
Tu Nov 4, 2-3:15pm Ch. 10: Detection and Attribution of Climate Change: From Global to Regional (webinar link) Judith Perlwitz
Tu Nov. 11, 2-3:15pm Ch. 4: Observations: Cryosphere (webinar link) Tad Pfeffer
Tu Nov 18, 2-3:15pm Ch. 9: Evaluation of Climate Models (webinar link) Clara Deser
Tu Dec. 2, 2-3:15pm Ch. 13: Sea Level Change (webinar link) Steve Nerem
Tu Dec 9, 2-3:15pm Ch. 14: Climate Phenomena and their Relevance for Future Regional Climate Change (webinar link) Kevin Trenberth