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CIRES expert available to discuss space weather events and forecasts

CIRES expert available to discuss space weather events and forecasts

Heightened solar and geomagnetic activity anticipated over next several days

WHAT: CIRES space weather expert available for phone and Boulder-area video interviews regarding on space weather

WHO: Eduardo A. Araujo-Pradere, Ph.D, Research Scientist, CIRES-University of Colorado, NOAA-Space Weather Prediction Center

With a series of major solar flares in the last few days, the sun is clearly waking up from several years of relative quiet. Activities on the sun’s surface — tracked and forecast by NOAA satellites and NOAA and CIRES scientists — can blast Earth with magnetic events that can damage the electrical grid and temporarily damage radio and satellite telecommunications. Space weather can also trigger spectacular aurora. Recent flares and other solar events are the strongest seen in four years.

NOAA’s National Weather Service operates the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) in Boulder, Colo., and SWPC is the nation’s primary source of expertise on the prediction of space weather and how these events affect Earth. Researchers and forecasters work closely with industry (electrical grid managers, airlines and satellite operators, among many others) to know when protective measures should be taken. SWPC expects disruptive space weather events to continue in upcoming months and years, since the sun is beginning its active phase.

MEDIA CONTACT:  Brian Clark, CIRES Communications,, 303-492-4790

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