CIRES Scientists to Be Awarded Silver Medals

NOAA honored members of the National Weather Service with this year’s Group Silver Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement for their implementation of the space weather numerical prediction model WSA-Enlil. The Gold and Silver Medals are the highest two honor awards that can be granted by the Secretary of Commerce. Three CIRES team members, with NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center, played an integral role in the implementation: George Millward, Curt de Koning, and Ratina Dodani. They will receive CIRES Silver Medals at Rendezvous 2013. Additionally, the WSA-Enlil project has its origins in former CIRES employees Nick Arge and Dusan Odstrcil.

The NOAA members honored were Vic Pizzo, Robert Craver, Doug Biesecker, Ann Newman, Michael Husler, John Ward, Justin Cooke, and Christine Caruso Magee. According to NOAA, “The group is recognized for implementing the first space weather numerical prediction model, the WSA-Enlil, on the National Centers for Environmental Prediction supercomputer. In accomplishing this task, the group encountered several challenges that required them to quickly learn new technologies. The end result of this implementation allowed for Space Weather Prediction Center forecasters to not only issue more accurate forecasts of geomagnetic storms, but to also issue them with better lead time.”