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Analytical Chemistry Seminar: Facundo M. Fernández

Analytical Chemistry Seminar: Facundo M. Fernández

Jointly sponsored by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CIRES, and the Environmental Program

Forensics, Metabolomics and Molecular Imaging by Mass Spectrometry

Facundo M. Fernández - Professor, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology

Mass Spectrometry (MS) is one of the key analytical methods used to identify and characterize small quantities of biological molecules embedded in complex matrices.  Although MS has found widespread use, technical improvements in its instrumentation are needed to extend its application to the grand challenges that face the environmental, chemical and biomedical sciences. In this talk I will present insights into new approaches for generating ions under atmospheric pressure in an “open air” format followed by mass spectrometric detection.  That research has enabled our group to perform a series of experiments in the fields of forensics, imaging and metabolomics.   I will describe how “open air” MS has helped us detect the components in and track the sources of counterfeit drugs in developing countries, perform high throughput metabolic fingerprinting of patients with cancer, and image a variety of surfaces. I will also describe more fundamental work involving finite element simulations and Schlieren imaging of ion transport processes at the atmospheric pressure interface of the mass spectrometer. Finally, I will describe new results where plasma ion sources are used for better coupling of LC to MS.


CIRES Fellows Room, Ekeley S274