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Analytical Chemistry Seminar: Rainer Volkamer Group

Analytical Chemistry Seminar: Rainer Volkamer Group

Jointly sponsored by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CIRES, and the Environmental Program

Reactive trace gases in tropospheric chemistry and climate

Reactive trace gases and aerosols are relevant components of tropospheric chemistry and climate. Bromine and iodine oxide radicals, and oxygenated VOC species modify the HOx radical abundance, influence the reactive chemistry and lifetime of climate active gases (e.g., ozone, methane, dimethyl sulfide) and can trigger the atmospheric deposition of mercury to ecosystems. Reactive trace gases are also a source for secondary aerosol mass that modifies aerosol optical properties, and cloud interactions (Earth albedo).

The Volkamer group develops innovative optical spectroscopic instruments (in-situ and remote sensing) to measure trace gases and aerosols, and applies these instruments to conduct field measurements from mobile platforms (vehicles, ships, aircraft) and laboratory measurements in simulation chambers and flowtubes. This talk will present examples of current graduate student projects in the Volkamer group (MAD-CAT, CONTRAST, and FRAPPE projects). Future student opportunities exist in relation with the analysis of data from ongoing field projects, as well as laboratory studies that use in-situ cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy and mass spectrometry to investigate the role of Setschenow 'salting-in' for aerosol formation. Prof. Volkamer is currently on sabbatical in Europe, and is best reached by email.


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