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Analytical Chemistry Seminar: Ingrid Mielke-Maday

Analytical Chemistry Seminar: Ingrid Mielke-Maday

Analytical & Environmental Chemistry Division and Atmospheric Chemistry Program Seminar

Jointly sponsored by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CIRES, and the Environmental Program

Investigating hydrocarbon emissions in oil and gas basins using mobile platforms
by Ingrid Mielke-Maday - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Colorado Boulder

Methane emissions are of concern due to methane’s contribution to global climate change and tropospheric ozone formation.  Sources of methane include landfills, agriculture, and oil and natural gas operations.  Recent studies have focused on determining the extent to which oil and gas operations contribute to methane emissions.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Global Monitoring Division has conducted fieldwork in oil and gas basins in order to characterize and quantify emissions of methane and non-methane hydrocarbons.  Field campaigns from the past two years will be presented.  Measurement techniques and methods, including the use of a mobile laboratory and aircraft, will be discussed.


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