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Education and Outreach

Every one of us can remember a moment when science latched onto our imaginations. Whether it was gazing up at an eclipse, visiting a national park, or learning about the ice ages, science offers a glimpse of a world much larger than our own.

At CIRES, we strive to bring the appeal and relevance of science to the widest possible audience.

We support scientists to help make their research more visible.

We work with teachers to help capture cutting-edge science in a way that appeals to students.

We have a special appreciation for students, and we want to help you make discoveries about the planet we live on and we want you to be a part of a more sustainable, smarter future.

We reach out to parents and members of the public to highlight science activities you can take part in.

Our core belief is that the whole world benefits from science, but only if that science is shared with the world. Join us, and see where science can take you.

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