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Jason Swain

Jason Swain

Originally from California, Jason moved to Colorado Springs when he was 12 years old. He has a passion for backcountry skiing and backpacking. Jason earned the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts and for his Eagle Scout Project he replaced dilapidated birdhouses throughout his school's property with sturdy, weather-proof birdhouses. He also enjoys iron and woodworking.

Jason currently attends Colorado Mountain College in Keystone, CO and is pursuing an Associate of Science degree. He has a dream of studying in Iceland to learn more about alternative energy projects in Europe and to apply this knowledge back in the US. In the fall of 2018, Jason plans to transfer to Colorado State University and major in Geology. He eventually aims to earn a Master's degree in Geophysics.

Project Title: Quantifying the Influence of Mountain Elevation on Colorado Weather Forecasting Inaccuracies. Mentor: Juliana Dias, CIRES.

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