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Sheen Skinner

Sheen Skinner

Sheena is originally from New England and has lived in several places throughout the country, finally settling in Denver, CO with her husband and two brothers four years ago. She lives for the outside and spends her time hiking, camping, getting lost and exploring the mountains with her border collie Max. Her favorite places are national parks and forests, and these interests are what led her to the educational path she is on.

Sheena attends Red Rocks Community College, pursuing a geology degree, and plans to attend University of Colorado in Boulder to complete her Bachelor's Degree with a focus on geology and climate change studies. Sheena feels extremely lucky for the experience she has had at RRCC and specifically for Dr. Camann, and her ability to help students develop and enhance their interests in science.

Project Title: Effects of wind speed, atmospheric and sea surface temperature on calving events at Helheim Glacier. Mentor: Tasha Snow, Geography.

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