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How do you know if your program is reaching its target audience, or if it’s meeting the intended goals? What do funding agencies look for when comparing proposals? How do people use the website you made?

Measuring the effectiveness of a program or project can be a difficult task, but it’s an essential one. At CIRES, we have an in-house evaluation team that can help scientists within CIRES, or from other institutions and agencies. We’re here for anyone who seeks help with evaluation.

Evaluation Services

Evaluation can be done at many stages of a project, here you will find a detailed list of what those examples might be and what services we provide.

Proposal Support

Development of an evaluation plan is done at the proposal stage, wherein project goals and objectives are addressed individually to determine appropriate evaluation methods. 

Examples of Projects

We have conducted evaluation work for projects funded by NOAA, NASA, and NSF. Participants in these projects include students, K12 teachers, scientists, and the general public.

Evaluation 101

Evaluators work with project management to provide feedback over the course of a project in order to enhance and document its effectiveness.

Website Evaluation

 The Quality of Relationship (QoR) is a powerful, cost-effective way to find out if your website is meeting its goals.