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Snowpack and its Effect on our Communities

by James Petrie, Jordan Whidden, Vincent Rietmeijer, and Taylor Gifford


Flood Day Preppers

by David Standerfer, Patty Broder, Kyle Hockstad, and Cameron Nelson



The 100 Year Flood: A Tail of Two Stories

by Summer Hazlewood, Mackenzie Pope, Daniel Higgins and Mike Elges


What’s in Your Water?

by Jake Slade, Connor Blevins, Maxwell Fleming, Logan Stieglitz, and Eddie Marovich



by Colton Richard, Duncan Raab, Chad Hamel, Alex Martinez, and Jori Ryan

Pine Beetle Epidemic

by Gracie Nichols, Reid Wallace, Dave Ushakow, Katey Davis, and Dylan Podel

Drought: Thirsty Farmers

by Rachael Adams, Annie Smith, Braeden Miguel, and Alexis Levin


A Climate Change of Mind

by Paul Henning, Chris Greenwood, Tyler Moore, and Zacherie Harmon



Arapahoe Ridge HS

Arapahoe Ridge submission to the Lens on Climate Change (LOCC) video contest.

Greeley Central HS

Greeley Central HS submission to the Lens on Climate Change (LOCC) video contest.