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Climate Education and Dialogue for Denver Public Schools

Climate Education and Dialogue for Denver Public Schools

Climate Education and Dialogue for Denver Public Schools

The Climate Education and Dialogue for Denver Public Schools project will extend current research efforts in three CU Units in climate and energy education, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) implementation, NGSS assessment and community-based dialogue into diverse schools in the Denver Public School District (DPSD). This project contributes to needs expressed by the Denver Public Schools, develops capacity for the State of Colorado to approve new educational standards in science, and supports best-practices climate and energy education in DPSD in the context of sustainability planning.

The goals of the project are:

  1. To increase DPSD middle and high school teachers’ abilities to provide NGSS-congruent instruction about climate concepts, aligned with the new Next Generation Science Standards as DPSD interests dictate.
  2. To increase DPSD teachers abilities to develop and use 3-D NGSS classroom assessments to support teaching and learning.
  3. To develop capacity for resiliency planning within DPSD within target schools with demonstrated interest in sustainability and within the district as a whole.

We enact these goals through:

  • NGSS-congruent enhancements to DPSD climate and energy curricula as dictated by DPSD needs and interests.
  • Professional development on the associated content and learning resources for middle and high school teachers.
  • Development and testing of associated NGSS 3-D assessments, and professional development on conducting NGSS assessment.
  • Implementation of a dialogue process for teachers and youth within selected schools to identify priorities and opportunities for sustainability focused planning and action, and professional development for the larger district teachers.


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