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Building the Capacity of Climate and Resiliency Education through Three-Dimensional Learning and Co-Design Unit Planning

What are the causes and effects of a changing climate and how do they impact human lives and the environment?

To explore this question, a team from CIRES Education Outreach partnered with faculty from the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education and a cohort of science educators through the Climate Education and Dialogue for Denver Public Schools (DPS) project. The overarching project goal is to build teacher capacity in learning and teaching about climate and resiliency education using the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the co-design unit planning process, and the three-dimensional learning approach.

The instructional units developed through this project are available for use by educators and educational organizations, and may be adapted (crediting the original developers and the unit webpage), thus extending the broader impacts of the project.


Download a full .ZIP file of each Climate and Resiliency unit:

Middle School High School Design Challenge

Download indivudual Climate and Resiliency unit files: