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The Dry Well

The Good the Bad and the Litter

Jason Swain

Mentor: Juliana Dias

Project Title: Quantifying the Influence of Mountain Elevation on Colorado Weather Forecasting Inaccuracies

Originally from California, Jason moved to Colorado Springs when he was 12 years old. He has a passion for backcountry skiing and backpacking. Jason earned the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts and for his Eagle Scout Project he replaced dilapidated birdhouses throughout his school's property with sturdy, weather-proof birdhouses. He also enjoys iron and woodworking.

April Schroeder

Mentor: Ted Stets

Project Title: Quantifying Human Influences in the Boulder Creek 

April grew up fishing, camping and mushroom picking in Michigan. As a teenager, she was introduced to the beauty of mountains when her family moved to Utah. After graduating from high school, she joined the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman with hopes of helping people and traveling the world. She now lives in Denver with her husband, son, and two cats. They enjoy hiking, camping and traveling.

Alex McPherson

Mentor: Patrick Sheridan and John Ogren

Project Title: Developing data analysis techniques for observed aerosol optical properties and wind direction at Mauna Loa Observatory

Alex is from a family of Colorado natives. He enjoys spending time outdoors and is a fly fishing aficionado.