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Marianne Blackburn

Marianne has been a student of Community College of Denver and will be transferring to the University of Colorado Denver in the fall to study biology. She grew up in North Carolina but has lived in Denver, Colorado for the last three years. She has recently started exploring more of Colorado and looks forward to many more hikes and wildlife sightings. 

Savannah Bernal

Savannah was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. She currently goes to school in La Junta at Otero Junior College where she is a student athlete on the golf team. She will be receiving an associates of science in the spring of 2016. When not in school or playing golf, she works at the SpringSide Cheese Shop as a sales associate, which is located in Pueblo. In her spare time Savannah enjoys camping, fishing, drawing, hiking, and swimming. 

Margaret Baker

Margaret grew up in San Antonio, TX and moved to Colorado four years ago, where she has graduated from Front Range Community College with an A.A.S. in Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resources. She will continue on to Colorado State University in the fall to complete her Bachelors degree in Environmental Communication. When not working with the RECCS team, she enjoys cooking, hiking, rock climbing and playing with her two dogs. 

Lisa Arvidson

Lisa was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. She attends Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, Colorado. After graduation, she plans on studying environmental communication or environmental economics at Colorado State University. Lisa has always had a love for the environment and nature, and would like to better it as much as possible. She loves hiking and spending a lot of time with her family.  Throughout the summer she will be looking at extreme daily maximum temperatures, around Colorado, in order to determine if there is a climate change signal.

Charlie Shobe

Charlie focuses on understanding rivers and their influence on the landscape from a process-based perspective. He uses field studies, GIS tools, and numerical models to explore how soil moisture properties influence flooding, the effects of weathering on erosion in bedrock rivers, and how channel-hillslope interactions affect the development of our Front Range landscape.

Imtiaz Rangwala

 Regional Climate Projections, Climate Change in US Southwest, High Elevation Climate Change (Colorado Rockies & Tibetan Plateau), Regional Climate Models, Climate Downscaling, Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources.

Diane McKnight

Research focuses on interactions between hydrologic, chemical and biological processes in controlling the dynamics in aquatic ecosystems. This research is carried out through field-scale experiments, modeling, and laboratory characterization of natural substrates. A co-principal investigator in the McMurdo Dry Valley LTER and in the Niwot Ridge LTER.