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Joseph Miotke

Mentor: Jimmy McCutchan

Project Title: Quantifying the Role of Phosphorus from the Crater Gulch Watershed in Grand Lake Transparency

Joe grew up in the town of Laporte, Colorado. He enjoys being outdoors—mountain biking, hiking, and camping. He also has martial arts training in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.

Rebecca Holmes

Mentor: Kyren Bogolub

Project Title: 

Induced Seismicity in Greeley, Colorado: The Effects of Pore Pressure on Seismic Wave Character

Rebecca is currently a community college student from Newport News, Virginia. She recently received an Associate’s Degree in Social Science, graduating summa cum laude from Thomas Nelson Community College. However, she has changed her path and will now pursue a second Associate’s Degree in Applied Science.

Lady Grant

Mentor: Tess Brewer and Noah Fierer

Project Title: Aluminum Phosphate Solubilization of Fungal and Bacterial Communities in Tropical Soils 

Kara Garcia

Mentor: Ryan Webb

Project Title: Hydraulic Conductivity Among Varied Elevation Gradients within Boulder Creek CZO & Niwot Ridge LTER

Originally from Virginia, Kara now lives in Colorado and attends Front Range Community College (FRCC). She is currecntly exploring which courses she needs to obtain an AS with a Degree of Designation in Biology.

Henry Arndt

Mentor: Kristy Tiampo

Project Title: The Gold Standard of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Henry is a native of Fort Collins and currently attends Front Range Community College. He is a foodie and loves to fish. His greatest passion is the ocean, and he loves to research it, watch the waves, swim in it, and learn the absolutely extraordinary facts about it. His favorite book is The Handy Ocean Answer Book!

Ryan Webb

Ryan is interested in a variety of research topics including representing the snow as a porous media, vadose zone hydrology, hydrological impacts of forest fires, and water resources in developing countries.

Kristy Tiampo

Dr. Tiampo’s research focuses on understanding the processes that govern natural and anthropogenic hazards. These studies incorporate large quantities of remote sensing data. Her team investigates the implications and consequences of hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, groundwater extraction, and induced seismicity on infrastructure and society. 

Ted Stets

Ted’s areas of expertise include surface water (non-marine), surface water quality, water quality, water budget, and the effects of human impacts upon them.

Tasha Snow

Tasha’s research interests include high latitude ocean, cryosphere, and climate change. Her PhD research focuses on satellite remote sensing of ice sheets and ice sheet-ocean interactions. Tasha is a veteran of the US Navy.

Patrick Sheridan

Dr. Sheridan’s primary responsibility is to oversee the operation and data flow of the NOAA ESRL Global Federated Aerosol Network. The goals of this surface aerosol monitoring program are to characterize means, variability, and trends of climate-forcing properties of different types of aerosols, and to understand the factors that control these properties.