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Emily Fairfax

Emily Fairfax double majored in chemistry and physics as an undergraduate at Carleton College, and now studies hydrology within the Department of Geological Sciences at CU. Her research focuses on the ecohydrology of riparian areas, particularly those that have been impacted by beaver damming. She uses a combination of remote sensing, modeling, and field work to understand how beaver damming changes these landscapes and on what timescales those changes operate.

Mallory Choudoir

Mallory Choudoir is a microbial ecologist and evolutionary biologist interested in the evolutionary processes and ecological interactions that drive patterns of microbial biogeography across spatial, environmental, and temporal scales.

Katy Barnhart

Katy Barnhart is a geomorphologist interested in the evolution of landscapes and the physical processes that make and move sediment. Her work combines numerical modeling, field observations, and the development of new methods of model-data comparison. Her work covers many geomorphic regions—from Arctic coasts to steep mountainous hillsides—and a wide range of timescales—from seconds to millions of years. She is also involved in the development of scientific software and is interested in developing best practices for reproducible research.

Jennifer Berry

Jennifer Berry’s broad research interests are focused on atmospheric chemicals that can impact and change our environment and that likely have anthropogenic sources. Her current research is on the characterization of the response of our L-TOF-CIMS to organic nitrogen compounds, like urea and dimethylamine, that can be found in our atmosphere. She is particularly interested in heterocyclic nitrogen compounds, like pyrrole, which can come from fossil fuels and biomass burning.

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This film was made by students in Gunnison, Colorado during summer 2018