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Arctic Climate Connections

Arctic Climate Connections

This project was designed as the Broader Impacts portion of the NSF proposal “Surface Energy Budgets at Arctic Terrestrial Sites: Quantifying Energy and Momentum Fluxes and their Associated Physical Processes”, studying analysis of existing data from Arctic terrestrial stations with multi-year measurements of the surface energy budget, clouds, soil temperature profiles, and basic meteorological measurements.



curriculum was developed to introduce students to climate and weather in the Arctic and work with data from an Arctic research project with the following driving questions in mind:

  • What is the Arctic?
  • Why should we study the Arctic?
  • How do scientists study Arctic weather and climate?
  • How do scientists interpret and use their data?
  • How are the findings from Arctic research related to global climate?
  • How do feedback mechanisms operate, specifically the effect of albedo?


National Science Foundation (1107428)