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Climate Science Academy

Climate Science Academy

The Climate Science Academy is an online, self-guided tutorial of recorded presentations and webinars presented by climate science experts to support learning about and understanding the Earth's climate system and climate change.

Introduction: What is Climate Literacy and why does it matter?
Module A: How Scientists Know About Climate
Module B: Earth's Energy Balance
Module C: Complex Interactions of Climate
Module D: Local & Ecosystem Climate Impacts
Module E: Climate Variability
Module F: Human Impacts on Climate
Module G: Responses to Climate Change

This resource, developed by CIRES Education Outreach, is an evergreen product that combines key resources from their Inspiring Climate Education Excellence (ICEE) professional development workshop and Climate Science 101 webinar courses. The Climate Literacy Essential Principles provide the framework for the Climate Science Academy modules.

The Climate Science Academy provides educators, and others interested in understanding the complexities of climate science, with access to reliable resources that apply accurate scientific information and an Earth systems perspective for learning and teaching about climate with confidence.

Educators exploring climate science concepts at the ICEE professional development workshop.


The Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Science booklet authored by the US Global Change Research Program.



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