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Mysterious Microbes

Mysterious Microbes

The Mysterious Microbes project consists of a recorded webinar series and workshop (May 2016) that features the cutting-edge research of the scientists from the Fierer Lab Group at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Watch the webinars to learn firsthand from the experts about the fascinating microbes that live in the soil, air, water, and everywhere else that surround us. Go to the workshop link to download the .zip file of workshop resources.

Microbes and the miracle of compost tea
Watch the Recorded Webinar
The emerging and exciting science of microbial research
Watch the Recorded Webinar
The secret life of microbes in and around our homes
Watch the Recorded Webinar


Click on the workshop link to download the resource file:




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NSF award number DEB0953331 as part of the CAREER program.