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Know Your AQ: Tracking Air Quality in Colorado

Know Your AQ: Tracking Air Quality in Colorado

What are the causes and effects of air quality issues and how do they impact human health and the environment?

For example, every summer along Colorado’s Front Range, ozone pollution often spikes to unhealthy levels despite efforts to control the lung-damaging chemical. Cars are running cleaner, and power plants are emitting fewer pollutants, so why does ozone still regularly soar above health-based limits in this area? 

The Know Your AQ curriculum, developed out of the DISCOVER-AQ project, connects learners to the scientists and science of studying the atmosphere and air pollution issues to explore this and other air quality questions.


1.1 Air Quality:  More than Meets the Eye
Clear skies are clean skies, or are they? Engage in a visual demonstration on the causes & effects of air pollutants on air quality and kinesthetic activities on particulate matter and visibility.

1.2 Oh No, O3zone:  "Good Up High, Bad Nearby!"
Not all ozone is created equal. Learn about ozone’s role in the atmosphere and explore actual research data to compare and contrast conditions that affect ground-level ozone values.

1.3 Sherlock NOx:  The Mystery of Unnatural Pollution in Natural Places
Wilderness areas have clean air, right? Take virtual video field trips to explore air quality research sites and investigate the causes, effects, and solutions to nitrogen deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park.

1.4 Carbon Gases CSI:  Mobile Lab, Methane & More
Find the “fingerprints” of carbon gases in thin air. Take a virtual mobile lab drive with scientists to investigate and learn about atmospheric carbon gases, their sources, and impacts on air quality.