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Arctic Climate Connections

Arctic Climate Connections

This suite of activities is designed to engage learners in climate science through an ongoing Arctic research project. Educators will find a variety of materials here, and can use the entire curriculum or select the components best suited to their audience. All activities include student materials, a teacher’s guide and assessment ideas, along with possibilities for additional exploration.

Target audience

  • High school – grade 9-12
  • Middle school - Activities 1 and 2 with teacher support
  • Introductory college students: Activity 3, data plotting and analysis

These materials were designed as the Broader Impacts portion of the NSF proposal “Surface Energy Budgets at Arctic Terrestrial Sites: Quantifying Energy and Momentum Fluxes and their Associated Physical Processes,” studying analysis of existing data from Arctic terrestrial stations with multi-year measurements of the surface energy budget, clouds, soil temperature profiles, and basic meteorological measurements.

This curriculum was selected to be in the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN), a collection of free, ready-to-use resources rigorously reviewed by educators and scientists.



climate, arctic research
9-12, College


Test Group

Test Group