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Know Your AQ: Discover Air Quality

Know Your AQ: Discover Air Quality

Download the .zip file of resources from this 2-day field-based workshop to build knowledge of atmospheric research and to learn and teach about air quality issues along Colorado's Front Range.

Workshop topics included:

  • Understanding the connection between the structure of the atmosphere and air quality
  • Engaging with atmospheric scientists and experts from NASA, NCAR, NOAA and other organizations to learn how they use ground sensors, weather balloons, planes, and satellites to monitor ever-changing air quality
  • Training on the methods of air quality forecasts, pollution advisories, and summer ozone alerts in the Front Range
  • Implementing atmospheric protocols and STEM activities from the GO3 Project and the GLOBE Program, plus other methods that students can do at school to record real-time data on air quality
  • Learning about a wealth of freely available air quality curriculum resources that allow students to explore the science behind air pollution