David W. Fahey

David W. Fahey

Ph.D. University of Missouri-Rolla, 1979

Research Physicist
NOAA/ESRL, Chemical Sciences Division

E-mail: david.w.fahey@noaa.gov
Office: David Skaggs Research Center, 2A137
Phone: 303-497-5277

Research Interests

In situ measurements of trace gases and aerosols in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere, the interpretation and modeling of measurements for understanding of atmospheric photochemical and transport processes, the design and construction of aircraft instrumentation for atmospheric measurements, and the evaluation and presentation of scientific results in national and international assessments.

Current Research Projects

Measurement of nitric acid uptake on cirrus and contrail particles and the measurement of hydrochloric acid as a tracer of stratospheric ozone in the upper troposphere.


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Honors and Awards

Best New Paper on a Montreal Protocol Related Topic in the Science Category.