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I am interested in the geophysical study of the crust and upper mantle of the Earth and its relation to tectonic deformation. My ongoing projects include work in New Zealand, the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming, and the Rio Grande Rift.

Much of the work I do includes the deployment of portable seismometers that record both distant and local earthquakes. The earthquakes are used as signals to image subsurface structure and to study earthquake source characteristics. I have recently started to use GPS as a tool to measure how the Earth's surface is moving very slowly. I have a major GPS field campaign going on right now in Colorado and New Mexico, and we hope to learn whether the Rocky Mountains and the Rio Grande Rift are tectonically active today. Another ongoing project involves the use of shallow subsurface geophysics to study the hydrologic critical zone in the mountains west of Boulder.

See also: Geophysical Sciences Program, University of Colorado at Boulder.

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