Solid Earth Sciences Division

Anne F. Sheehan, Division Director

Active research areas in geophysics include theoretical and observational geodesy and geodynamics, isotope geology, earthquake prediction and other observational seismology, theoretical studies of wave generation and propagation, engineering seismology, and global geology. It includes research in fluid velocities and boundary topography of the Earth's core, mantle anelasticity and convection. Work in these areas has involved analytical and numerical modeling efforts, combined with results from highly accurate space geodetic techniques, such as laser ranging, to artificial satellites and interferometric observations of radio waves emanating from deep space. An important component of CIRES research in geodesy/geodynamics is participation in the multi-university consortium developed to assemble, test, and administer the deployment of instrument packages that use radio signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to determine distances between points on the Earth's surface. The scientific objective is to monitor crustal deformation in tectonically active areas.