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AT540 Daily Weather Laboratory I
Professor Roger A. Pielke, Sr.

Fall 2002 Syllabus

Please note the following:
All Lab Exercises are due 2 weeks after they are assigned
* = Makeup Dates

Aug. 27
Tuesday Course Overview  
Read pages 2-16; Lab #1 assigned (DIA;INL;IAD)
Aug. 29
Thursday Lecture: Depiction of the Vertical Structure of the Atmosphere
Sept. 3
Tuesday Lecture: Thermodynamic Analyses (Part I)
Read pages 86-100
Lab #2 assigned
Sept. 5
Thursday Lecture: Thermodynamic Analyses (Part II)
Read pages 100-103
Sept. 6*
Friday Lecture: Thermodynamic Analyses (Part III)
Sept. 10
Tuesday Rescheduled for Sept. 6
Sept. 12
Thursday Rescheduled for Sept. 16
Sept. 16*
Monday Lecture: Depiction of the Horizontal Structure of the Atmosphere (Part I)
Read pages 17-37
Lab #3 assigned
Sept. 17
Tuesday Lecture: Depiction of the Horizontal Structure of the Atmosphere (Part II)
Sept. 19
Thursday Lecture: Depiction of the Horizontal Structure of the Atmosphere (Part III)
Read pages 37-50
Sept. 24
Tuesday Lecture: Depiction of the Horizontal Structure of the Atmosphere (Part IV)
Read pages 51-85
FX-Net Demonstration
Lab #4 assigned
Sept. 26
Thursday Rescheduled for Sept. 27
Sept. 27*
Friday Lecture: Depiction of the Horizontal Structures of the Atmosphere (Part V)
Read pages 104-146
Oct. 1
Tuesday Lecture: Synoptic Modeling (Part I)
Read model summary
(Available here: http://blue.atmos.colostate.edu/courses/NT-59.pdf)
Click here for the lab for today
Oct. 3
Thursday Lecture: Synoptic Modeling (Part II)
Read Eta model description
(Available here: http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/modelinfo/index.html)
Oct. 8
Tuesday Rescheduled for Oct. 11
Oct. 10
Thursday Lecture: Synoptic Modeling (Part III)
Read NCEP Global model discussion
(Available here: http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/modelinfo/index.html)
Oct. 11*
Friday Lecture: Synoptic Modeling (Part IV)
Read ensemble modeling discussion (http://www.cdc.noaa.gov/map/images/ens/ens.html)
Assign Lab Exercise #5
Oct. 14*
Monday Class Cancelled
Oct. 15
Tuesday Resecheduled for Oct. 14
Oct. 17
Thursday No Class
Oct. 21*
Monday Lecture: Radar Imagery
Read Bader et al. 1995 (pages 50-69) (on reserve at ATS library)
Assign Lab Exercise #6
Oct. 22
Tuesday Lecture: Profilers
Read Profiler paper (http://www.profiler.noaa.gov/npn/aboutNpnProfilers.jsp)
Oct. 24
Thursday Lecture: Surface Mesonets
Assign Lab Exercise #7
Read Oklahoma Mesonet paper (Click here for PDF of this paper)
Oct. 29
Tuesday Lecture: Colorado Climate
Read pages 147-152; Colorado Climate Magazine (http://climate.atmos.colostate.edu/magazine.shtml)
Oct. 31
Thursday Review of midterm tests
See midterms in weather lab notes
Nov. 5
(Open Book)
Nov. 7
Thursday Drought: Guest Lecturer: Nolan Doesken
Nov. 11
Monday Lecture: Tornado Forecasting
Read STORMS (pages 101-132) (on reserve in ATS library)
Nov. 12
Tuesday Lecture: Trajectory Analyses
Read trajectory modeling paper (Click here to read as a PDF)
Nov. 14
Thursday Lecture: Hurricane Track and Intensity Modeling
Read hurricane modeling paper (http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutmodels.shtml)
Assign Lab Exercise #8
Nov. 19
Tuesday Lecture: Flood Forecasting
Read STORMS (pages 80-102; 475-490) (on reserve in ATS library)
Nov. 21
Thursday Rescheduled for Nov. 11
Dec. 3
Tuesday Rescheduled for Dec. 9
Dec. 5
Thursday Discuss Lab Exercises
Dec. 6
Friday No Class
Dec. 9
Monday Discuss Lab Exercises
Dec. 12
Thursday Review of Course Material

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