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NSF Workshop News, Reports, and Information

Detecting the Atmospheric Response to the Changing Face of the Earth: A Focus on Human-Caused Regional Climate Forcings, Land-Cover/Land-Use Change, and Data Monitoring, August 27-29, 2007 Boulder, CO

UPDATE: The deadline for submission of manuscripts is September 30, 2008, however, earlier submissions are welcomed.

NOTE: As a follow up to this workshop, two journal special issues are being planned. The first special issue generally dealing with papers under the climate theme will be through the International Journal of Climatology. The second special issue dealing with mesoscale, boundary layer processes will be through Boundary-Layer Meteorology.The call for submitting original papers is open to the larger community and not restricted to those who participated in the August Workshop. Authors interested in submitting a paper to either of these special issues can contact Dev Niyogi at for additional information.

IJOC website; Journal Website

This NSF Workshop was held with more than 50 participants in attendance. The workshop was a great success and news, presentations, and information will be posted at this link.

Mahmood, R., R.A. Pielke Sr., and K.G. Hubbard, 2007: Effects of human activities on the atmosphere. Meeting Report, Detecting the Atmospheric Response to the Changing Face of the Earth: A Focus on Human-Caused Regional Climate Forcings, Land-Cover/Land-Use Change, and Data Monitoring, Boulder, Colorado, 27.29 August 2007, Eos, accepted.


Anantharaj, Valentine, Udaysankar Nair, Aaron Song, Patrick Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Fairman, Sundar Christopher, and Louis Wasson: Impact of Land Use Change on Regional Climate in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, using Regional Models. PDF

Asefi, Salvi, Udaysankar Nair, Valentine Anantharaj, Kevin Knupp, and Yuling Wu, Simulation of the Lake Breeze Caused by an Anthropogenic Lake using Integrated RAMS and LIS Modeling Systems Evaluated Using ARMOR Radar Observations. PPT

Baker, Bruce: How Has the Climate of the U.S. Changed Over the Past 50 Years on National, Regional and Local Levels? PPT

Beltrán-Przekurat, Adriana, and Roger A. Pielke Sr.: Using a Regional Climate Model to Study Land-use Land-cover Changes Impacts on Near-Surface Atmosphere. PPT

Blanken, Peter, Mark Williams, Russ Monson, Sean Burns, Kurt Chowanski, Todd Ackerman, John Knowles, and Adriana Bailey: Preliminary Observations of Water & Carbon Dioxide Fluxes Across an Alpine Treeline. PPT

Bogart, Tianna A., David R. Legates, and Daqing Yang: Bias Adjustments of Arctic Precipitation. PPT

Bonan, Gordon, with contributions from Sam Levis, Keith Oleson, and Peter Lawrence: Do Mid-Latitude Croplands Cool Climate? PDF

Cai, Ming, Y-K Lim, Eugenia Kalnay, and L-M Zhou: Use of Reanalysis for Detecting Climate Change Sensitivity to Land Types and Urbanization. PDF

Carleton, Andrew M., David J. Travis, Jimmy Adegoke, Steve Curran, and David Arnold: Vegetation Boundaries and Deep Convection: An Observation Study for the Midwest U.S. Central Corn Belt. PPT

Chang, Hsin-I, Dev Niyogi, Anil Kumar, Fei Chen, Roger Pielke Sr., U.C. Mohanty, and C.M. Kishtawal: Effect of Land Surface Processes on the Land Falling Tropical Depressions over the Indian Monsoon Region. PPT

Chase, Thomas N., Peter J. Lawrence, and Eungul Lee: Comparisons of the Effects of Land Cover and Surface Hydrology on Three Asian Monsoon Systems. PPT

Conner, Glen: Identifying Bias in Climate Records: The Role of Station Histories. PPT

Cotton, William R., based on the research of Drs. Susan van den Heever and Christopher M. Rozoff: Urban Impacts on Precipitation. PDF

Davey, Christopher A., Kelly T. Redmond, and John E. Gross: The NPS Climate Inventory Project: Identifying Present Data Sources and Future Needs. PPT

Du, Jinyang: Applying Long-term SSM/I Observations to Dust Storm Study. PPT

Etter, Andres: Agricultural Frontier Expansion in Colombian Ecosystems: Possible Consequences for the Regional Climate. PPT

Fall, Souleymane, Dev Niyogi, Roger Pielke Sr., Alexander Gluhovsky, and Eugenia Kalnay: Impacts of Land Surface Properties on Temperature Trends Using North American Regional Reanalysis Over the USA. PDF

Frauenfeld, Oliver W. and Tingjun Zhang: Is Warming on the Tibetan Plateau Caused by Land Cover Change or Data Uncertainty? PDF

Gameda, S., B. Qian, R. Desjardins: Linkages between Summerfallow and Climate Trends in the Canadian Prairies. PPT

Hale, Rob, Kevin Gallo, and Tim Owen: Analysis of Near-Surface Temperature in Areas of Known Land Use/Land Cover Change. PPT

Jamiyansharav, Khishigbayar, Dennis Ojima, Roger A. Pielke Sr., Bill Parton, Jack Morgan, and Adriana Beltrán-Przekurat: Seasonal And Interannual Variability in Surface Energy Partitioning in Short Grass Steppe Depending on the Vegetation Cover. PPT

Lawrence, Peter and Thomas Chase: Investigating the Climate Impacts of Land Cover Change in the Community Climate System Model (CCSM). PPT

Lawrence, Peter and Thomas Chase: Investigating the role of the Land Surface in the Community Climate System Model (CCSM). PPT

Leeper, Ronnie D., Arturo I. Quintanar, and Rezaul Mahmood: Numerical Modeling of Near-Surface and Atmospheric Response to Land-Use and Fractional Vegetation Coverage Change. PPT

Legates, David: The Effect of Changes in Wind, Air Temperature, and Land Use/Land Cover on Precipitation Gage Measurement. PPT

McAlpine, C., J. Syktus, R. Deo, P. Lawrence, H. McGowan, D. Rayner, I. Watterson, S. Phinn, and J. Ryan: Modelling the Climate Impacts of Australian Woody Vegetation Cover Change. PDF

McNider, Richard,John Christy, Justin Walters, and Xingzhong Shi: Detecting a Greenhouse Gas Warming Signal Using Only Maximum Daily Temperatures. PPT

Mitra, Chandana, Lauren Hand, Willis Shem, Michael Carter, Yan Zhou: Ongoing Studies of Urban Effects on the Water Cycle at UGA. PPT

Niyogi, Dev: Impacts of Urbanization on Mesoscale Rainfall. PDF

Nordfelt, Anna: Influence of Urbanization on Precipitation Patterns in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex Since 1900. PPT

Pang, Yong, Michael Lefsky, and Guoqing Sun: Regional/Global Scale Vegetation Height Estimation and Validation using ICEsat GLAS Data: PPT

Pielke Sr., Roger A.: Land-Use Change and Microclimate Exposure Effects on Near-Surface Air Temperature Assessments: Unresolved Issues. PDF

Qi, Yuanyuan, Lixin Lu, Jiancheng Shi, Lingmei Jiang, amd Marcos Longo: A sensitive test in the Tibetan Plateau using RAMS. PPT

Quintanar, Arturo I., Rezaul Mahmood, John Loughrin, and Nanh C. Lovanh: Impact of Vegetation Roughness Parameters Changes In Boundary Layer Variables. PPT

Sertel, Elif, and Alan Robock: Introducing Multi-Temporal Land Cover Data into a Climate Model. PDF

Steeneveld, Gert-Jan, and Bert Holtslag: On Land Surface Temperature Trends in Calm and Windy Nights. PPT

Tao, Jing, Jiancheng Shi, Jinyang Du, and T. Jackson: New Microwave Vegetation Indices - Characteristics and Applications. PDF

Vezhapparambu, Sajith, Jimmy O. Adegoke, Christopher L. Castro, Roger A. Pielke Sr., Andrew M. Carleton, and Kevin P. Gallo: The Impact of Soil Moisture and Surface Vegetation Variability on the Organization of Summer Convective Activity in the US Midwest: August 2000 Case Study. PPT

Wang, Jih-Wang, Roger A. Pielke Sr., Toshi Matsui, Dev Niyogi, and Brian Seok: Retrieval Algorithm for Surface Latent Heat Flux Using Remote Sensing Data. PPT

Wang, Zhuo, Xubin Zeng, Xiaodong Zeng, Mark Decker, and Michael Barlage: Modeling of Dynamic Vegetation, Hydrology, and Climate PDF

Watts, Anthony: A Hands-On Study of Station Siting Issues for United States Historical Climatology Network Stations

Wu, Yuling, Udaysankar S. Nair, Tom Lyons, Ron Welch, Jorg Hacker, and Roger A. Pielke Sr.: Impact of Land Use Change on the Evolution of CBL in Southwest Australia. PDF

Xue, Yongkang, Fernando De Sales, Ratko Vasic, and C. Roberto Mechoso: The Effect Of Vegetation Biophysical Processes (VBP) On The Global Precipitation. PPT




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