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Scientific Publications by David Gallaher

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Gallaher, D., G. Campbell, W. Meier (2013), Anomalous Variability in Antarctic sea ice extents during the 1960ís with the use of Nimbus Satellite data.. Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, (99) , doi: 10.1109/JSTARS.2013.2264391

Meier, WN, D Gallaher and GG Campbell (2013), New estimates of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extent during September 1964 from recovered Nimbus I satellite imagery. Cryosphere, 7 (2) 699-705, issn: 1994-0416, ids: 174UT, doi: 10.5194/tc-7-699-2013
Times Cited: 1


Liang, YL, W Colgan, Q Lv, K Steffen, W Abdalati, J Stroeve, D Gallaher and N Bayou (2012), A decadal investigation of supraglacial lakes in West Greenland using a fully automatic detection and tracking algorithm. Remote Sens. Environ., 123 127-138, issn: 0034-4257, ids: 016CX, doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2012.03.020, Published AUG 2012
Times Cited: 13


Meier, W.N., D. Gallaher, and G.G. Campbell (2012), New estimates of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extent from recovered Nimbus I satellite imagery. The Cryosphere Discussions, 7 35-53, doi: 10.5194/tcd-7-35-2013

Conference Preprints/Proceedings/Extended Abstracts Total: 6



D. Gallaher, W. Mier and G.G. Campbell (2011), Reprocessed datasets and climate: Creation of 1960ís Sea-Ice Extent CDRs/ESDRs from Historic Satellite Data. WCRP: Denver,

G.G. Campbell, M. Sandler, J. Moses, and D. Gallaher (2011), Nimbus Satellite Data Rescue Project for Sea Ice Extent: Data Processing. Fall AGU,

Gallaher, D., Khalsa, S., and R. Duerr (2010), SAGE: A tool for exploration of remote sensing data relating Greenland's ice sheet and glaciers. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2010 IEEE International, 2379-2381, doi: 10.1109/IGARSS.2010.5653099

Gallaher, D., Khalsa S. J., and R. Duerr (2009), SAGE: A Tool for Exploration of Remote Sensing Data Relating Greenland's Ice Sheet and Glaciers. IGARSS,

Lewis, S., D. W. Gallaher, S. S. Khalsa and R. E. Duerr (2009), Services for the Analysis of the Greenland Environment (SAGE). American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, #IN41A-1103

Gallaher, D.,R.Weaver,J.Stroeve, and R.Swick (2008), 'DATA ACCESS TOOLS - FILLING THE USABILITY GAP IN CRYOSPHERE DATA'. IGARSS 2008, , Art. No. 3792