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Scientific Publications by Peter Pulsifer

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Pulsifer, P., S. Gearheard, H. P. Huntington, M. A. Parsons, C. McNeave, H. S. McCann (2012), The role of data management in engaging communities in Arctic research: overview of the Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic (ELOKA). Polar Geography, 35 (3-4) 271-290, issn: 1088-937X , doi: 10.1080/1088937X.2012.708364

Pulsifer, P.L. (2011), Encoding Inuit Knowledge: Rearticulating The Formal Ontology Narrative. Cultural Geographies,

Pulsifer, P.L., G.J. Laidler, D.R.F. Taylor, A. Hayes (2011), Towards an Indigenist data management program: reflections on experiences developing an atlas of sea ice knowledge and use. The Canadian Geographer, 55 (1) 108-124, doi: 10.1111/j.1541-0064.2010.00348.x

Pulsifer, P.L., H.P. Huntington, and G. Pecl (2011), Introduction to the special issue of Polar Geography on Local Knowledge and Data Management in the Arctic.. Polar Geography, Special Issue on Local Knowledge and Data Management in the Arctic. P.L. Pulsifer, H.P. Huntington, G. Pecl (Eds.), 35 (4)

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Gearheard, S., H. Huntington, M. Parsons, C. McNeave and P. Pulsifer, I. Krupnik, I. Allison, R. Bell, P. Cutler, D. Hik, J. López-Martínez, V. Rachold, E. Sarukhanian and C. Summerhayes (Ed.) (2011), Exchanging and Sharing Knowledge with Local Stakeholders – ELOKA. Understanding Earth’s Polar Challenges: International Polar Year 2007-2008, 581-584, CCI Press, issn: 0068-0303,, isbn: 1-896445-55-1

Lauriault, T., P.L. Pulsifer, D.R.F. Taylor, Markus Jobst (Ed.) (2010), The Preservation and Archiving of Geospatial Digital Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Cartographers. Preservation in Digital Cartography: Archiving Aspects, 25-56, Springer

Pulsifer, P.L., Mark Monmonier (Ed.) (2010), Data Capture and Conversion. The History of Cartography Volume 6: The Twentieth Century, , University of Chicago Press

Pulsifer, P.L., G.J. Laidler, D.R.F. Taylor, A. Hayes, I. Krupnik, C. Aporta, S. Gearheard, G. Laidler, L. Kielsen Holm (Ed.) (2010), Creating an Online Cybercartography Atlas of Indigenous Sea Ice Knowledge and Use. SIKU: Knowing Our Ice: Documenting Inuit Sea-Ice Knowledge and Use, 229-254, Springer

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McCann, H., C. McNeave, J. Collins, P. Pulsifer, M. Parsons, S. Gearheard, H. Huntington (2012), Archiving local and traditional knowledge of the Arctic: Managing data and information in partnership with indigenous communities and earth scientists. Proceedings of the 24th Polar Libraries Colloquy, 79-88