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Graduate Student Co-Chair

Sarah Jaffe

Post-doc Co-Chair

Garima Malhotra

For graduate students and postdocs. The CGA (CIRES Graduate Association) was created in the fall of 2008 to provide a connection to the graduate students who come from the various academic units to do research in CIRES, in a supportive, unified environment. In 2013, the CGA expanded to include postdoctoral researchers at CIRES, in order provide a mechanism for ingratiation into the CIRES community, and to facilitate a mentoring environment within the CGA community. All graduate and postdoctoral researchers who are advised or hosted by a CIRES Fellow or researcher, or serve as a research assistant for one of the CIRES research units, are welcome into the CGA. The CGA sponsors a range of activities from academic to social, focusing on building collaboration among junior researchers, fostering interdisciplinary discourse, and honing science communication skills. The CGA also supports the CIRES Graduate Student Travel Award, the Graduate Student Research Award Program, maintains a Career Opportunities Board, and hosts a series of events to support the development of ancillary career skills.

The CIRES Graduate Association administers the CIRES Graduate Student Travel Award program to help CIRES graduate students attend scientific conferences. Individual awards, $750 for domestic travel or $1500 for international travel, will be granted twice during the academic year.  An all-institute call for applications is sent out in December and awards will be sent out in February

Eligibility: CIRES graduate students who are advised by a CIRES Fellow, or working as a CIRES Graduate Research Assistant, or on fellowship through CIRES or the CU Boulder Graduate School. Only currently enrolled CIRES graduate students in good academic standing are eligible.

Application Criteria:  The travel award supports graduate students presenting their work at meetings. Applications for travel to complete field work or other research will not be funded. Students need to first seek funding from their academic advisor or other sources.  If sufficient funding is not available, the student may apply for the CIRES Graduate Student Travel Fellowship. Applicants must be a current graduate student in good standing. Postdocs are not eligible.

The 2021-2022 competition is now closed! Check back in Fall 2022.

The CIRES Graduate and Post-doc Association (CGA) co-chairs act as a community resource for the graduate students and postdocs of CIRES. As a co-chair, you will work as a team with CGA Advisor, currently Christine Wiedinmyer, to develop and implement events for CIRES graduate students and postdocs.

These events are meant to assist CGA members in their professional development as scientists, science communicators, and leaders in science. CGA co-chairs assist in the administration of the annual CIRES Graduate Travel Award. The CGA chairs also act to communicate opportunities within CIRES to CGA members. In the past, events that the CGA has hosted have included, but are not limited to, the CIRES Perks, professional development lunches, CGA academic and non-academic career events, graduate student lunches with the CIRES Distinguished Lecture Series speakers, and AGU practice events. This position comes with a modest monthly stipend.

Position requirements:

·      Postdoc or grad student advised or hosted by a CIRES Fellow or researcher, or serving as a research assistant for one of the CIRES research units.


·      Planning of CGA professional development events - Lead for two of four events per semester in Fall and Spring

·      Update CGA website with events

·      Administrator for CGA mailing list and emails

·      Oversee CIRES Graduate Travel Award

·      Time commitment - Variable, but approx. 5 hours per month

If you have any questions about the role please feel free to reach out to either Sarah or Garima (the current chairs) using the contact links found on the left.

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