Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Administrative Staff

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Director's Office

Waleed Abdalati
Waleed Abdalati
William M. Lewis Jr.
Associate Director
Christine Wiedinmyer
Associate Director for Science
Lornay Hansen
Executive Assistant to the Director


Katy Human
Director of Communications
Katie Weeman
CIRES Communications Assistant and Writer
Karin Vergoth
CIRES-NOAA Science Writer
Kathy Bogan
Graphic Designer


Nate Campbell
Director of Information Technology
David Zakavec
Support Specialist
Matthew Price
Web Developer
William Diment
Server Administration
Taylor Devlin
DevOps Manager
Meg Tilton
Applications Developer
Umar Haroon
Tim Lenahan
Timothy Lenahan
Student IT Support Specialist

Diversity and Inclusion

Susan Sullivan
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Education and Outreach

Anne Gold
Director, Education & Outreach
Susan Lynds
Program evaluation, editing, and project management
Amanda Morton
Assistant to the Director
Headshot of Katie Boyd, brunette
Katie Boyd
CLEAN Project Lead
Jennifer Taylor
Curriculum Development & Project Coordinator
Renee Minaya
RECCS Program Manager
Erin Leckey
Project Coordinator
Anna has shoulder-length red hair.
Anna Scott
Student Assistant


Linda Pendergrass
Event Coordinator

Financial Services

Gretchen Richard
Finance Director, Pre-and Post Award Administration (Cooperative Agreement, Institutional Programs, Admin Accounting)
Dawn Williams
Pre- and Post-Award Administration
Aly Nahum
Property and Purchasing Manager
Patty Patterson
Pre-award Administration (proposal support)
April Laliberte
Proposal Analyst
Annie Fudale
Ted DeMaria
Proposal Lead, Pre-and Post-Award Administration (NSIDC), Export Control, Property back-up
Jennie Bell
Co-Proposal Lead, Pre and Post Award Administration
Marcos Carvalho
Pre-and Post-Award Administration, CIRES Shops
Marc Cloninger
Pre-and Post-Award Administration, HR/Finance Liaison
Nan Regnier
Co-Travel Lead
Rebecca Stossmeister
Travel Lead, Pre and Post-Award Administration (Earth Lab, CSTPR)
Lisa Tedesco
Pre-award Administration (proposal support)
Andy Wang
Co-Post-Award Lead; Pre and Post award administration (NSIDC and Outreach)
Nikki Joy
Property & Purchasing Manager

Human Resources, Personnel and Payroll

Angela Knight
Angela Knight
Human Resources Director
Jon Rush
Associate Director for Administration
Janet Garcia
Visa Coordinator
Jimena Ugaz
HR Generalist
LuAnn Line
Human Resources Analyst
Annette Sargent
Graduate school appointments, leave records and maintenance, payroll liaison backup assistance
Jasmine Moore
HR Generalist
Nancy Lathrop
Payroll/HR Special Projects and Associate Payroll Liaison

Integrated Instrument Development Facility

Ken Smith
Instrument engineering
Wayne Winkler
Electronic design
Donald David
Yehor Novikov
Scientific Glass Blowing
Daniel Warren
Lee Pappas
Apprentice Machinist

Main Campus Message Center

Dan Keane
Facilities & Operations Support Manager
Cameron Walker
Main Office Staff
Casey Marsh
Main Office Staff
Luke Neff
Main Office Staff
Mike May
Main Office Staff
Riley Holligan
Main Office Staff
Tori Civitello
Main Office Staff

David Skaggs Research Center (NOAA) Administrative Support

Lucia Harrop
Office manager and CIRES liaison with NOAA