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  • Fortner SK; Manduca CA; Ali HN; Saup CM; Nyarko SC; Othus‐Gault S; Perera V; Tong VCH; Gold AU; Furman T. (May 2022). Geoscience Education Perspectives on Integrated, Coordinated, Open, Networked (ICON) Science. Earth and Space Science , 9(5). 10.1029/2022ea002298
  • Boyd KJ; Okochi C; Littrell MK; Batchelor RL; Gold AU; Leckey E. (Oct 2021). Career implications for college student mentors through their contribution to a climate film outreach program for adolescents. International Journal of Science Education, Part B: Communication and Public Engagement , 11(4), 308-323. 10.1080/21548455.2021.1996656
  • Batchelor R; Ali H; Gardner-Vandy K; Gold A; MacKinnon J; Asher P. (Apr 2021). Reimagining STEM Workforce Development as a Braided River. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union , 102. 10.1029/2021eo157277
  • Batchelor R; Christensen A; Gold A; Okochi C. (Dec 2020). A Two-week Virtual Research Experience Program for Community College Students in the Geosciences. Advances in Engineering Education , 8(4). 10.18260/3-1-1153-98230
  • Sloan V; Haacker R; Batchelor R; Garza C. (Jun 2020). How COVID-19 Is Affecting Undergraduate Research Experiences. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union , 101. 10.1029/2020eo145667
  • Menard R; Chabrillat S; Robichaud A; de Grandpre J; Charron M; Rochon Y; Batchelor R; Kallaur A; Reszka M; Kaminski JW. (Feb 2020). Coupled Stratospheric Chemistry-Meteorology Data Assimilation. Part I: Physical Background and Coupled Modeling Aspects. Atmosphere , 11(2). 10.3390/atmos11020150
  • Griffin D; Walker KA; Conway S; Kolonjari F; Strong K; Batchelor R; Boone CD; Dan L; Drummond JR; Fogal PF. (Sep 2017). Multi-year comparisons of ground-based and space-borne Fourier transform spectrometers in the high Arctic between 2006 and 2013. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques , 10(9), 3273-3294. 10.5194/amt-10-3273-2017
  • Burt MA; Haacker R; Batchelor RL; Denning AS. (Jul 2016). INCREASING THE DIVERSITY OF YOUR GRADUATE PROGRAM Translating Best Practices into Success. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society , 97(7), 1169-1172. 10.1175/BAMS-D-15-00004.1
  • Hannigan JW; Batchelor RL; Coffey MT. (Sep 2012). Intense Arctic Ozone Depletion in the Spring of 2011. Arctic , 65(3), 339-343.
  • Kohlhepp R; Ruhnke R; Chipperfield MP; De Maziere M; Notholt J; Barthlott S; Batchelor RL; Blatherwick RD; Blumenstock T; Coffey MT. (Jan 2012). Observed and simulated time evolution of HCl, ClONO2, and HF total column abundances. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , 12(7), 3527-3556. 10.5194/acp-12-3527-2012
  • Adams C; Strong K; Batchelor RL; Bernath PF; Brohede S; Boone C; Degenstein D; Daffer WH; Drummond JR; Fogal PF. (Jan 2012). Validation of ACE and OSIRIS ozone and NO2 measurements using ground-based instruments at 80 degrees N. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques , 5(5), 927-953. 10.5194/amt-5-927-2012
  • Wespes C; Emmons L; Edwards DP; Hannigan J; Hurtmans D; Saunois M; Coheur P-F; Clerbaux C; Coffey MT; Batchelor RL. (Jan 2012). Analysis of ozone and nitric acid in spring and summer Arctic pollution using aircraft, ground-based, satellite observations and MOZART-4 model: source attribution and partitioning. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , 12(1), 237-259. 10.5194/acp-12-237-2012
  • Lindenmaier R; Strong K; Batchelor RL; Chipperfield MP; Daffer WH; Drummond JR; Duck TJ; Fast H; Feng W; Fogal PF. (Jan 2012). Unusually low ozone, HCl, and HNO3 column measurements at Eureka, Canada during winter/spring 2011. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , 12(8), 3821-3835. 10.5194/acp-12-3821-2012
  • Lindenmaier R; Strong K; Batchelor RL; Bernath PF; Chabrillat S; Chipperfield MP; Daffer WH; Drummond JR; Feng W; Jonsson AI. (Dec 2011). A study of the Arctic NOy budget above Eureka, Canada. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres , 116. 10.1029/2011JD016207
  • Lindenmaier R; Batchelor RL; Strong K; Fast H; Goutail F; Kolonjari F; McElroy CT; Mittermeier RL; Walker KA. (Mar 2010). An evaluation of infrared microwindows for ozone retrievals using the Eureka Bruker 125HR Fourier transform spectrometer. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer , 111(4), 569-585. 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2009.10.013
  • Batchelor RL; Kolonjari F; Lindenmaier R; Mittermeier RL; Daffer W; Fast H; Manney G; Strong K; Walker KA. (Jan 2010). Four Fourier transform spectrometers and the Arctic polar vortex: instrument intercomparison and ACE-FTS validation at Eureka during the IPY springs of 2007 and 2008. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques , 3(1), 51-66. 10.5194/amt-3-51-2010
  • Fisher JA; Jacob DJ; Purdy MT; Kopacz M; Le Sager P; Carouge C; Holmes CD; Yantosca RM; Batchelor RL; Strong K. (Jan 2010). Source attribution and interannual variability of Arctic pollution in spring constrained by aircraft (ARCTAS, ARCPAC) and satellite (AIRS) observations of carbon monoxide. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , 10(3), 977-996. 10.5194/acp-10-977-2010
  • Batchelor RL; Strong K; Lindenmaier R; Mittermeier RL; Fast H; Drummond JR; Fogal PF. (Jul 2009). A New Bruker IFS 125HR FTIR Spectrometer for the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory at Eureka, Nunavut, Canada: Measurements and Comparison with the Existing Bomem DA8 Spectrometer. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology , 26(7), 1328-1340. 10.1175/2009JTECHA1215.1
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  • O'Neill NT; Pancrati O; Baibakov K; Eloranta E; Batchelor RL; Freemantle J; McArthur LJB; Strong K; Lindenmaier R. (Jul 2008). Occurrence of weak, sub-micron, tropospheric aerosol events at high Arctic latitudes. Geophysical Research Letters , 35(14). 10.1029/2008GL033733
  • Wood SW; Batchelor RL; Goldman A; Rinsland CP; Connor BJ; Murcray FJ; Stephen TM; Heuff DN. (Sep 2004). Ground-based nitric acid measurements at Arrival Heights, Antarctica, using solar and lunar Fourier transform infrared observations. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres , 109(D18). 10.1029/2004JD004665