Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Graduate Student Research Awards


To promote student scholarship and research excellence, CIRES supports a Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA) program with the aim of attracting the best talent to CIRES at the outset of their graduate careers, as well as to enable graduating seniors to complete and publish their research results. Any current or prospective Ph.D. student advised by a CIRES Fellow is eligible for this one-time award opportunity. Incoming graduate students must be accepted into a graduate level program at the University of Colorado Boulder to qualify.

The CIRES GSRA is granted in the form of a Research Assistant position for one or two semesters at 50 percent time. The award includes a monthly salary, fully paid tuition, and a partially paid premium (90 percent) towards the Buff Gold insurance plan. Funding for prospective students may be used in their second year if a Teaching Assistantship covers their first year. Students may receive a 50 percent research award for one or two semesters.

2017 Winners:

Tobin Hammer
Project: The role of gut bacteria in passion-vine butterfly pollination
Advisor: CIRES Fellow Noah Fierer, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Jake Flood
Project: How do microbes tolerate the stresses involved in the degradation of pentachlorophenol (PCP)?
Advisor: CIRES Fellow Shelley Copley, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Vineel Yettella
Project: Warming influence on ENSO: new Insights from a novel decomposition method
Advisor: CIRES Fellow Jennifer Kay, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)

Erin McDuffie
Project: The Role of Heterogeneous Chemistry in Understanding Wintertime Air Pollution
Advisor: NOAA scientist Stephen Brown